And so it begins

HI! I’m Mallory and this is my excited face! I slightly look like I’m in pain, right?

Anyways, let me explain this to you. First of all I apologize for the poor quality of my photo but it was taken just at the right moment to document the end of an amazing weekend. So let’s start from the beginning…

For four months now I have been the proud owner of a college degree and a job that has nothing to do with said degree (I work in a hospital and my degree is in fashion merchandising… see what I’m saying?). Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for my job especially in this economy but on Friday I put in my two weeks notice!!! Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself again… a month ago I decided that I’m leaving this town no matter what, job or no job, so I planned a trip to Dallas, TX to find a place to live. Two days before I left I was notified of a job opening at the company I have been stalking since February. I went in for the interview on Friday morning and by noon I had a new job and was calling my current boss to deliver the news.

But the fun doesn’t end there… the next day I met a friend of a friend who graduated from the same college I did. We totally hit it off and by Saturday night I not only had a job but I also had a new roommate and apartment! The really awesome picture at the top of this page was taken on the drive back to my lovely tiny town that I will now be leaving in less than two weeks! So yes, I was that girl being obnoxious and clearly too excited to be driving all the way back and yes I did take a few snap shots of myself while driving. I am that girl, or I was for a little while.

As you can tell… during the past three days my life has completely changed and I am so excited! Get pumped for a new blog that I created to document  the miles that I have to go (haha get it from the title?? lame I know.)

Here’s a more normal picture… still poor quality and still while I’m driving but it just shows I wasn’t really in pain.



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