well… not exactly.

Okay… So I’m brand new to this whole moving thing, unless you count the times I moved in and out of dorm rooms. I don’t really count those because honestly, you are only moving clothes.

Well moving an entire one bedroom apartment (even though it’s no where near an entire house) is a completely different story. I mean I’m renting a uhaul trailer for this business!! Yep that’s right people, imagine me dragging a uhaul trailer all the way to Dallas. O! and did I forget to mention that I’m trading vehicles with my parents in order to make this move as cheap as possible? Well change that vision of me pulling a trailer to me driving a lovely Ford F150 with a trailer attached to the back. Double Whammy!!!

In honor of my big move, and the fact that I’m going to have a roommate who already has furniture set up, I’m downsizing. I’ve got a brand new couch and table set that I no longer have room for. Lucky me has a friend who is willing to hold on to my couch for the next few months (because let me just tell you, I love my stickin couch. It is beautiful and I am not willing to get rid of it… so it will be there for me to visit whenever I would like) but unfortunately the table isn’t the same happy ending. Well it could be if someone would buy it!! Don’t get me wrong, I love my table, but I’m picking my battles and it just seems best to sell it. So I am now a person who posts on craigs list. And in case you are wondering, it creeps me out just as much as I thought it would.

Anyways, the first day I had my table for sale I seriously had 15 people messaging me about it and I thought man everything really is falling into place for this move!!! Now I’m sad to say none of those have panned out. So if you know anyone who needs a table, send them my way!

I suppose if the only struggle I am having with this move… esp considering it was such a sudden decision and quick change… is selling this table then I should really count my blessings. Which I do, daily. I consider myself extremely blessed and I am beyond thankful for this opportunity. Let’s keep praying for this table to sell and if not then I’m sure something will pan out!!!



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