its all so bittersweet

Meet Britni. She’s my best friend.

And today I’m leaving her…

Britni and I met way back in middle school, yep way back during the awkward years. We have been friends ever since, along with Traci and Caitlin. The four of us literally grew up together and I am luck enough to have not one but three lifelong best friends.

Not only are we all friends, Britni was my college roommate. We lived together all four years and managed to not kill each other! Actually, we never even came close to that which from what I’ve been told is pretty close to impossible so I guess that means we’re just that good! But now I’m leaving her… I’m moving away. Sad. So without getting all mushy and weepy here I think I’m just going to end with a list of things that most likely only Britni will get. I’m sorry for those of you reading who don’t understand… feel free to wait until next time to read, it won’t hurt my feelings I promise.

You got the nose right, POUND IT!

the peep

the braja

“this isn’t your yard its mine, now get inside I made french toast”- womanizer

the one who doesn’t belong


ben gay (thats a flash back to freshman year for ya… remember??)

bob and bev and graceland

the fort… epic


three g’s three w’s chase and a ninja

da ninja and the ninja

“im not really sure where the german’s came from” “uhhh the tower of babel”

remember that time you feel? hahahahhahaha, i do.

four original poptart flavors… strawberry, brown sugar, cinnamon, and apple currant

crazy biker dude

the sea turtle police



i don’t think im tim tebow, I AM tim tebow

denied. no. wrong. admin.


all up in my bubble

pitchy peter getting denied by a prayer

what if i was a carpet putter inner

As you know, I could def continue… but well this post is already ridiculously long. so all this to point out that you are the shaggy to my scooby, the johnathan to my david, the nate copeland to my dr burks… i love you siga!



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