there’s a first time for everything

It’s official… I live in Texas. A place I said I would never ever live (actually it was in my top three places not to live).

But I am here, and so far it has been fantastic! Keep in mind, I have only been here one day. And even though being here is off to an amazing start I know it won’t always be rainbows and butterflies (thank you Jason Mraz  for that festive little rhyme).

I started packing last Thursday, loaded everything in the uhaul and the truck Friday, then moved in on Saturday. I thought about taking a picture of the uhaul-truck combo so you all could see how ridiculous I looked driving that… but sorry folks you’ll need to use your imagination. Anywho… My wonderful friend David came to help me load up the things that were too heavy for my to carry alone like my couch, bed, desk, and a few boxes. The rest, however, was left to me. Loading that stupid uhaul took FOREVER! Honestly, it took me all day. I never thought it was going to end. But lucky me, it did!

After a slight delay due to traffic I finally made it! WOOHOO!! And then to make things better my roommate, her name is Tess, and her two brothers and their friend helped my unload everything. It was so amazing… what took me an entire day to load took less than 45 min for us to unload.

But the fun doesn’t end there. Tess had an extra ticket to see the Avett Brothers!!!!!

So my first night living in Dallas was spent dancing like a crazy at a fantastic concert. All in all… for the first time I’ve lived in a brand new city… it was a great night!


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