welcome to the big city

Ok, so that picture is a little difficult to really see but for some reason I love it. It’s a picture of downtown Dallas from the top of a ferris wheel.

I’ve lived here for a week now and this weekend consisted of exploring the city, but not my big city. I was welcomed to Texas with a weekend full of small town happenings. It was pretty legit.

Started off on Friday by heading out to a tiny town football game, and let me just tell you… it’s true what they say, driving to different towns in Texas is almost like crossing state lines. It took us two and a half hours to get to this game. Despite the trip we didn’t miss the whole game, only the first half, but the characters that were in the stands were definitely one of a kind. Let’s put it this way… the large men with potbellies standing behind us screaming through huge home made megaphones were members of the school board and in front of us we had the joy of seeing a lady change her baby’s diaper, right there on the bleachers. All in all it was fantastic.

The next day we took another two hour trip to my roommates home town and when we got there I met the most wonderful dog in the world… She’s a huskey and so beautiful.

Cute, right?

Anyways, Saturday afternoon we made another two hour trip to a small town in Arkansas (so we actually crossed state lines for that one). This town was precious, built in 1886 there was so much history and character there it was incredible. We even got to go on a ghost walk that evening… It was like ghost hunters only not as cool. Yep, that’s right people… I love ghost hunters on scifi, I think it’s one of the best shows. No judgments please.

Ok, now to Sunday. It’s back to Dallas now but the fun isn’t over, welcome to the State Fair. It was a first for me but quite the experience. People watching was hilarious but we won’t go into that. Anywho… at the fair we saw a dog show, went to the petting zoo, saw Boris the 1,100 lb hog, got a picture with Big Tex, road the ferris wheel, and ate some fried food. Yea, it was a good time. So here are a few pictures for you… this post is just full of pictures!

For your benefit I will not at pictures of the animals… the pig was slightly disgusting. So for now I will leave you with Big Tex.

I promise to update more frequently, I’m just so busy… It’s fantastic! By the way, my new job is great!! I love it and I’m so blessed to have this opportunity!!



One thought on “welcome to the big city

  1. I had fun reading this very much and oh by the way I am sure Coach Taylor and Tami would be so proud. Did they have a Riggins?

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