glass half full

That’s right people… I am officially a Positive Polly.

For those of you who know me, you may be slightly shocked. With my sarcasm/sense of humor you might think of me as a Negative Nancy. Well no more my friends! With this move I am turning over all kinds of new leaves! It’s fantastic! I have even had people come to me and tell me that my attitude is encouraging to them and I’m a great person to be around (it’s really nice hearing that again). All of this is not to say that I was a total butt or anything… But I’m better now and I love that!

I don’t know if this change in attitude is from all of the wonderful things that have been happening or if it’s because I’m in a new place and I just want to enjoy it or even if it’s just because I have learned to appreciate all of the blessings I have been given (because trust me people… this girl is truly blessed). Whatever the reason, I’m glad it has changed! Don’t get me wrong… I still have the same sarcasm.

So let’s recap the things I am thankful for… my family, my friends, my new wonderful job, my apartment and finding a great roommate, new opportunities, all of the material things that i “need”, the fantastic way that everything just fell into place these past few weeks, the people who have been in my life in good or in not so great ways, God and all that He is, my new attitude… and so many more things.

Ok, so it is finally time for me to tell you all about my new job… drum roll please………

I work for Fossil! And in case you were wondering it is absolutely fantastic. I am working at the corporate offices here in Dallas and it is nothing like a typical corporate environment. I mean we get to wear denim to work! I could not have asked for anything better. My job is super entry level but there is plenty of room for growth and well heck, this is definitely where I need to be right now. I am learning so much about the company and our products as well as the customers and our target market. It’s so much fun to go into work everyday and I can’t say thank you enough for that. I’ve been there for almost two weeks now, the first week was training and classroom stuff and the second has been me on my own. And again I’m going to say, I love it. So I will leave you with that… not a lot of information but just a little so you can kind of see why I love my job so much!

O… there’s another reason why I love my job…


Trust me, that really makes you feel legit.



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