call me spiderman

Alright, spiderman really isn’t appropriate. BUT I did go rock climbing today! See, I’m all about new things here!

Because I went climbing this post will be short and sweet. You’re welcome (did anyone watch that show on MTV, Awkward? If so, please say you’re welcome in the “Jenna imitating Sadie” voice).

This weekend I went to Arkansas. I saw the fam… well my mom and dad anyways. It was wonderful! I miss them so much! And I got my car back… I’ve never been so happy to spend $50 on gas… that has NOTHIN on the $85 I put in the truck.

I also saw one of my very best friends. His name is Jared and he is seriously the most wonderful man I know (besides my dad, duh). I say man because he’s old… like really old. Well not really but he is the oldest of all of my close Searcy friends.

Long story short. It was fantastic.

Sunday morning was full of awkward, “this kind of thing would only happen to me” moments. But those are for another time… Until then, I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture I took on the drive back.

Please forgive the bug splatters… too graphic? O well.

I’m done rambling. Look for a few outfit pictures soon.!

o btw… It was 80 today in Dallas. 80 in November, Texas I love you so much right now!


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