breaking all the rules

Remember that kid growing up who always followed the rules? Seriously, never broke them and looked at you like you were completely crazy for doing something you weren’t supposed to? Well that kid would have hated me today.

Why is that?

Because I broke all kinds of rules today, and by rules I mean style rules. Actually… I only broke one of those “rules” but I broke it like 5 times, in the same outfit. Get crazy!

Ok… so here’s what I did. I wore black, with navy blue, cream, gold, and get this… brown. Yep, that’s right I wore every neutral that you aren’t supposed to wear together in the same outfit. And guess what, I actually liked it! When I put it on this morning I was really on the fence… seriously contemplated changing like for times. I did change twice, but then I went back to my original outfit. I felt a little loopy today, maybe because I was up so early, so I took a risk.

Unfortunately, you will have to use your imagination for this one… because until I find a full time photographer (I’m crossing my fingers for said photographer to also be a farmer with muscles, plaid shirts, and boots… this photographer should also be of the male variety… oo and he could be a singer… and a cook because goodness knows I’m not all that great at that… ok, sorry I’m getting off topic. but a girl can dream, right??) I have no pictures. Other than the pictures I took in Searcy this weekend, I promise they are coming soon! And they are fantastic, that sounds conceited but I just mean the quality, and the clothes… I’ve got to give myself credit for a little. ANYWAYS…. as I was saying… I’m in the market for a man photographer in Dallas. Know anyone? Interested? Hook a new girl up please!

No worries folks, this outfit will resurface… especially since you haven’t seen it. It will be brand new to you. So wait patiently, I know you are all itching to see it… right? Right.



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