Farmers Market and Flannel

There’s just something about Texas that makes me want to wear flannel and boots and cowboy hats and maybe walk around with a long piece of straw hanging out of my mouth…

I’m totally kidding… it’s too hot to wear flannel in Texas.

No but seriously, flannel is another trend I love and I hope it sticks around for a little while. It’s casual and comfy and, if worn the right way, pretty dang cute. Today’s outfit post is honestly not what I’m wearing today… it’s a little flash back to a couple of Saturday’s ago when my sister and I took a quick visit to the Dallas Farmers Market.

Farmers Market and Flannel 1

Farmers Market and Flannel 2

Farmers Market and Flannel 3

Top: Forever21, Denim: H&M, Boots: Steve Madden

Before I sign off for the day I will leave you with a fun little fact about me… my favorite thing about the farmers market is not the incredibly good deal you can get on any fruit or vegetable you can imagine. No, no, my favorite thing is the BBQ restaurant inside the famers market. This place makes the best mac & cheese and fried okra you could ever imagine. If you ever get the chance to visit Dallas I highly recommend dining at this fine establishment!



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