Weekend Face Lift

Notice anything different?

Face Lift 4

No… not about me! I’ll give you a hint… this weekend I gave the ‘ole blog a little face lift.

In case you were wondering, I changed the name of my blog because I wanted it to be something that was a better reflection of me and my style (and I really wanted a legit alliteration… don’t judge). 23 Miles To Go was an appropriate name when I originally started this because it was intended to be a way to document my journey and experiences in a new city. BUT then I fell off the band wagon and it didn’t post for the first year of my time in Dallas so it just didn’t feel right any more.

So welcome to Polka Dot Poppies ladies and gents! For the outfit of the day on this freshly updated blog… I won’t be wearing polka dots and there won’t be any poppies (that just seemed too cliche… but next week will be a different story…). No, today’s outfit is my favorite high waisted denim skirt, plain white t, and I couldn’t resist another scarf.

Face Lift 1

Face Lift 2

Face Lift 3

Skirt: Target, Top: JC Penney, Scarf: Target, Wedges: Oldnavy, Earrings: Francesca’s, Sunnies: Target

I hope you’re all blessed with a very happy Monday!

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