Have you ever gotten out of your car in a parking garage mid song, (by mid song I mean you were belting it out in your car and you just weren’t ready to stop singing) and then you look up at your friend and they are laughing at you? Then you turn around (still singing) and realize there is a complete stranger right there with a front row seat to your little mini concert?

Yep. That happened. And it wasn’t the first time. That was actually back in college… because it’s been SOO many years (only two)… when I rounded the corner of my dorm while rocking out the Free Credit commercial.

If you haven’t had one of those moments… I’ll just go ahead and tell you… they are awkward.

Want another awkward story?

Have you ever tried to ride a bike for the first time since you were probably 13 years old?

It’s really not as easy as they say it is. I won’t go into details but imagine me trying to cross the road, while cars are waiting. Trust me… it was probably worse that you are imagining.

One more?

Have you ever taken outfit photos in a maxi dress and half way through think a bee flew up your dress? Imagine that reaction.

 Thankfully, I was able to get a few pics before the bee fiasco.

Awkward 1

Awkward 2

Awkward 3

To go with today’s awkward theme… you want to see how you shouldn’t stand in a maxi dress?

Awkward 4

Legs crossed. It doesn’t do anything good… at all.

Dress: The Red Dress Boutique (Similar Here), Shirt: Madewell (Find it here), Belt: Target, Shoes: Target, Sunnies: Target

Happy Monday Folks, I hope it’s jam packed with awesomely awkward moments!

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