Pin-spired: Stripes and Skinny Jeans

If there was an AA group for pinterest addicts I would be the president of the club.

OK… I’m not that bad. But I do love pinterest. And of course, I’ve got a board for everything. So I’ve decided to put that love to good use!

I get a lot of inspiration from pinterest and the outfits I find there. So today’s look is something I came up with after finding this lovely pin!

Pin-Spired 1

Pin-spired 2

Pin-spired 3

Pin- spired 4

Top: Target (Similar here), Jacket: Forever21 (Similar here), Denim: H&M, Shoes: Old Navy, Sunnies: Relic, Necklace: Forever21 (Find it here), Wacth: Fossil (Similar here)

So if you checked out the pin that I got this idea from you may have noticed that this isn’t a complete copy cat outfit (not to worry I do those too). For this one I took something I found on pinterest and made it more my style. I stuck with the same general patterns, styles, and colors but I added my own little flair to make it more me.

Any outfits you’ve been inspired by? Leave me some comments so I can check them out!

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