Monday Blues

I’m starting to feel like I talk mindlessly about the same things every week. On Monday’s I talk about it being Monday. Fast forward to Thursday and I’m talking about how we’ve almost made it to the weekend.

So to spice things up a little bit, today I’m going to tell you a random story.

For a little background- my dad loves riding motorcycles. Seriously, it is his preferred form of transportation even when it’s raining slightly. Now that you know that…. I should also tell you (for those of you that don’t know) I live in a different state as my family. So naturally, I miss them a lot and random things make me think about them on a daily basis. The main thing that makes me think about my dad is seeing people riding motorcycles. Over the past year I’ve formed a habit of saying “daddy?” every time I see someone on a motorcycle. My favorite guy (other than my dad of course) tends to laugh every time I say it… my guess is he finds it slightly cute but also slightly annoying… o well!

Yesterday I had two moments like this. The first one turned out to be a large black man…. so definitely not my dad. And the second time was a woman. Needless to say, those moments are always interesting.

Now on to today’s outfit! This is a little dress I’ve had for a few years, it was my very first JCrew purchase! It’s classic and easy to wear many different ways. These shots are how I like to make it a little dressy and girly!

Monday Blues 1

Monday Blues 2

Monday Blues

Monday Blues 4

Dress: J Crew Outlet (Similar here), Sweater: Target (Similar here), Necklace: J Crew Outlet, Shoes: Target (Find them here), Sunnies: Relic, Watch: Fossil


Enjoy your Monday folks!


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