My Story from the Start

see that picture? yep that’s me.

I’m Mallory… just your normal 23 year old.

Let’s start from the beginning. I was born in Kentucky, then my family moved to Illinois, fast forward 6 years and you’ll now find my family in Georgia. That’s where I call home, mainly because that’s where I spent the majority of my life but also because that’s where the fam is. I went to high school there, and it was pretty typical. I actually really enjoyed high school, it was fun but I’m definitely glad it’s over. After graduation I went to college in Arkansas and fast forward another four years and four months and you get to today!

I’m living in the town I went to college in, working at a job that has nothing to do with my degree but I love it. But now that’s all changing. In two weeks I will be living in Texas and starting my career.

Let’s talk about my career for a second… in college I majored in Fashion Merchandising and after four fantastic years I received a bachelors of science in fashion merchandising. Since graduation I have been trying to start my career but I really don’t know what fashion merchandising field I really want to be in… So I picked the company first. Now I am lucky enough to have a job that promotes development and opportunities with the company that I really wanted to be with.

Now let’s go back to the basics…

Like I said before, I’m 23 and pretty average. I love fashion and photography (unfortunately I’m not super great at it… but I try) and music and dance. I grew up dancing competitively and in high school I spent a little time in band… yep I was on the flag line for a few years… and I also was a cheerleader. I love sports… specifically University of Kentucky basketball and the Boston Red Sox (even though they totally blew it this season… I mean really how can you go from being 9 games up to not even being the wild card??!!?) and I also love football, but I don’t have a favorite team. I am in love with art of all types but I’m not super artistic.

My family is fantastic; my dad is a character… and I mean that in the best possible way and nobody compares to him… he has taught me so much and is truly the best man I know. my mom is the sweetest lady you will ever meet and I know she will do anything for the people she loves… she’s an incredible person. And then there’s my sister… she’s my best friend in a way that only a sister can be. We are extremely different but surprisingly similar… she is so talented in so many things and i know that she will be fantastic at whatever she does with her life. She is amazing and it is extremely difficult to put all of my  thoughts about her and the rest of my family into words. In short I love them. I also have an incredible extended family from wonderful aunts and uncles that I am very close with to grandparents who I love dearly. I’ve also got some pretty fantastic friends who know who they are and need no explanation!

But most importantly… I have a faith that leads me through this life.  My beliefs and morals are something that mean everything to me and I’m sure throughout this experience you will see them and I will share them with you.

This blog was created at a time of complete change during my life and I want to remember every second of it. So I’m writing it down for the world to see! I’m also going to use this to share my faith and my fashion, meaning there will be lots of pictures of me… wooohooo!!! joking, but seriously.

so enjoy… I hope you laugh or smile with most of what you see here!



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