Happiness is… Vol. 3

Happiness is moving in to a new apartment that is super close to the office.

Happiness is diet coke. Seriously, it’s delicious.

Happiness is watching Harry Potter and eating dinner with a handsome fellow.

Happiness is seeing movies and eating at the Cheesecake Factory with some pretty awesome people.

Happiness is mom walking (also known as speed walking) to your car with friends because it’s abnormally cold out.

Happiness is having DVR back in your life!

Happiness is chatting about the Vampire Diaries with your mother- when neither of you are the appropriate age (14) to watch that show. Don’t judge. I love it.

Happiness is a blooper from one of this weeks outfits!

Happiness is... Vol. 3

Apparently I felt the need to point out my favorite part of this outfit… and the reason that my legs looked so long!

Enjoy the weekend everyone! I know I will!

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Same Outfit Different Colors

A few weeks ago I posted about one of my favorite looks- maroon skinny jeans with a cream crochet top. See it here! Well this week I took the same look and changed it up a little bit.

I wore this outfit to church this past Sunday… now I know when you see this you might gasp and think “My word! Why is that girl wearing jeans to Sunday morning church services! That’s not a dress and that means it isn’t appropriate!!”

Well I’m throwing those rules out the door. Why am I doing this?

Two reasons.

1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a lady dressing up her denim or pants for Sunday morning services. Jesus loves me in a dress, pants, or even sweatpants. Which is really a miracle because sweatpants do absolutely NOTHING for me.

2. Dresses these days are entirely too short. I have the most difficult time finding appropriate length dresses! Now, I know I’m on the taller side of life and I am mainly legs but good grief! I’m only 5’8″ here people! Work with me!!!!

Anyways… now that I’m done with that little rant… I’ll just move right on to the outfit…









Denim: Urbanog.com (Similar here), Top: Francesca’s, Sunnies: Forever21, Shoes: Target, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

What did the boyfriend think about these pants? Well… apparently they are the exact same color as a yogurt he once saw… which means these will forever be referred to as my yogurt pants. I suppose I can live with that…

Let me know in the comments if you liked this look better with the mint skinnies or the maroon!

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Stopping Traffic

Happy Wednesday ladies and gents!

I’ve been staring at a blank screen for what feels like forever trying to think of what to write today. Well let’s be real, it hasn’t been forever… I’m being slightly dramatic. But, since I can’t come up with anything to say maybe I should just skip this part and move right on to the outfit of the day (which is one of my favorites so get excited!).

Yes, yes I should. So the outfit of the day involves red skinnies, a white tank, and my denim jacket!







Denim: Forever21 (Similar here), Top: Francesca’s (Similar here or here), Jacket: OldNavy (Similar here), Shoes: Target, Sunnies: Forever21, Earrings: Francesca’s, Bracelets: Micheal Kors and Fransceca’s, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Similar here)

Well, it’s a good thing I had a few photos for today’s post! Otherwise this could have been extremely boring… You could always make things more exciting by leaving me some love in the comments!

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Monday Blues

I’m starting to feel like I talk mindlessly about the same things every week. On Monday’s I talk about it being Monday. Fast forward to Thursday and I’m talking about how we’ve almost made it to the weekend.

So to spice things up a little bit, today I’m going to tell you a random story.

For a little background- my dad loves riding motorcycles. Seriously, it is his preferred form of transportation even when it’s raining slightly. Now that you know that…. I should also tell you (for those of you that don’t know) I live in a different state as my family. So naturally, I miss them a lot and random things make me think about them on a daily basis. The main thing that makes me think about my dad is seeing people riding motorcycles. Over the past year I’ve formed a habit of saying “daddy?” every time I see someone on a motorcycle. My favorite guy (other than my dad of course) tends to laugh every time I say it… my guess is he finds it slightly cute but also slightly annoying… o well!

Yesterday I had two moments like this. The first one turned out to be a large black man…. so definitely not my dad. And the second time was a woman. Needless to say, those moments are always interesting.

Now on to today’s outfit! This is a little dress I’ve had for a few years, it was my very first JCrew purchase! It’s classic and easy to wear many different ways. These shots are how I like to make it a little dressy and girly!

Monday Blues 1

Monday Blues 2

Monday Blues

Monday Blues 4

Dress: J Crew Outlet (Similar here), Sweater: Target (Similar here), Necklace: J Crew Outlet, Shoes: Target (Find them here), Sunnies: Relic, Watch: Fossil


Enjoy your Monday folks!


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A Dress with Dots

Remember that time I changed the name of my blog and promised that I would eventually bring that name to life?

Well… today, we’re half way there. And by that I mean I’m rocking one of my favorite dresses that has polkadots, but this outfit has absolutely nothing to do with poppies. That combo will come soon… don’t you worry!

So, why did I go with this dress? Three reasons… First, it’s navy with polkadots which means this dress has two of my favorite things on it. Second, it’s so comfortable and easy to wear. Third, it’s from target and in my book that is always a win!

But before we get to the outfit for today… I thought I would leave you with another little fun fact about me (since I haven’t done that in a while)!

I love HGTV almost as much as I love ABC Family. Seriously, those two channels alone could keep me entertained for days. Although I would get really sad if I didn’t add a little criminal minds in the mix!

Now… on to the outfit!

HiLo Polkadots 1

HiLo Polkadots 2

HiLo Polkadots 3

HiLo Polkadots 4

Dress: Target, Belt: Target, Sandals: Steve Madden, Sunnies: Relic, Watch: Fossil

If you like that dress be sure to check out this lovely number from Fossil or this one from Forever21!

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Enjoy your Thursday folks and remember only one more day until the weekend!!


Pin-spired: Stripes and Skinny Jeans

If there was an AA group for pinterest addicts I would be the president of the club.

OK… I’m not that bad. But I do love pinterest. And of course, I’ve got a board for everything. So I’ve decided to put that love to good use!

I get a lot of inspiration from pinterest and the outfits I find there. So today’s look is something I came up with after finding this lovely pin!

Pin-Spired 1

Pin-spired 2

Pin-spired 3

Pin- spired 4

Top: Target (Similar here), Jacket: Forever21 (Similar here), Denim: H&M, Shoes: Old Navy, Sunnies: Relic, Necklace: Forever21 (Find it here), Wacth: Fossil (Similar here)

So if you checked out the pin that I got this idea from you may have noticed that this isn’t a complete copy cat outfit (not to worry I do those too). For this one I took something I found on pinterest and made it more my style. I stuck with the same general patterns, styles, and colors but I added my own little flair to make it more me.

Any outfits you’ve been inspired by? Leave me some comments so I can check them out!

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Black Lace Peplum and Fancy Jewels

I feel like a member of the royal family today…

Black Lace Peplum and Fancy Jewels 1


Just kidding. They are fake… duh. But they still feel super fancy!

This little ensemble was a little something I put together for a night out with some of my favorites to celebrate birthdays. I’m usually a pretty casual person (if you can’t tell from my previous posts) so nights out are slightly challenging for me.

I like to keep it classic and simple without being too over the top… SOOO when I found this black peplum top with lace detail I new it would be perfect for occasions like this. I’ve paired it with my dark skinnies and black pumps. Then jazzed it up a little with my new necklace and a skinny belt to accent the peplum!

Black Lace Peplum and Fancy Jewels 2

Black Lace Peplum and Fancy Jewels 3

Black Lace Peplum and Fancy Jewels 4

Top: Forever21 (Find Similar here or here), Denim: H&M, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Gifted, Belt: Forever21 (Find Similar here), Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

How do you feel about my snazzy jewels? Personally, I love them! Especially the color… you just can’t go wrong with Kentucky blue!

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