Sunshine on Monday

One week ago I got the keys and signed the lease for a brand new apartment! I’m all moved in but still in the HGTV decorating process. So be prepared for some posts that will make this seem like an interiors blog in the next week or so!

Until then, I’ll stay on the style track. Starting with these yellow pants I found last summer at Target. I thought I should bring a little sunshine to your Monday!








Bottoms: Target, Top: JC Penney, Scarf: Target, Sandals: Steve Madden, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Earrings: Gifted

Bringing the sunshine to the corporate life may or may not be one of my fortes! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Happiness is… Vol. 4

Happiness is sleeping in your brand new apartment for the first time

Happiness is sleepovers with some fantastic friends

Happiness is seeing Will.I.Am at your office (no joke walked right behind him while I was carrying my Lean Cuisine back to my desk for lunch… classy)

Happiness is new handbags at a crazy discount

Happiness is having so much to be thankful for, including my handsome fellow who was so unbelievably amazing this week helping me move into the new place

Happiness is pink denim and borrowed scarves




Top: JC Penney, Denim: Target, Scarf: Borrowed from the lovely Katie at Style Diary , Sandals: Target, Watch: Fossil

O… and happiness is smirking in every picture that I posted today….

Enjoy the weekend ladies and gents!

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Stopping Traffic

Happy Wednesday ladies and gents!

I’ve been staring at a blank screen for what feels like forever trying to think of what to write today. Well let’s be real, it hasn’t been forever… I’m being slightly dramatic. But, since I can’t come up with anything to say maybe I should just skip this part and move right on to the outfit of the day (which is one of my favorites so get excited!).

Yes, yes I should. So the outfit of the day involves red skinnies, a white tank, and my denim jacket!







Denim: Forever21 (Similar here), Top: Francesca’s (Similar here or here), Jacket: OldNavy (Similar here), Shoes: Target, Sunnies: Forever21, Earrings: Francesca’s, Bracelets: Micheal Kors and Fransceca’s, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Similar here)

Well, it’s a good thing I had a few photos for today’s post! Otherwise this could have been extremely boring… You could always make things more exciting by leaving me some love in the comments!

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A Dress with Dots

Remember that time I changed the name of my blog and promised that I would eventually bring that name to life?

Well… today, we’re half way there. And by that I mean I’m rocking one of my favorite dresses that has polkadots, but this outfit has absolutely nothing to do with poppies. That combo will come soon… don’t you worry!

So, why did I go with this dress? Three reasons… First, it’s navy with polkadots which means this dress has two of my favorite things on it. Second, it’s so comfortable and easy to wear. Third, it’s from target and in my book that is always a win!

But before we get to the outfit for today… I thought I would leave you with another little fun fact about me (since I haven’t done that in a while)!

I love HGTV almost as much as I love ABC Family. Seriously, those two channels alone could keep me entertained for days. Although I would get really sad if I didn’t add a little criminal minds in the mix!

Now… on to the outfit!

HiLo Polkadots 1

HiLo Polkadots 2

HiLo Polkadots 3

HiLo Polkadots 4

Dress: Target, Belt: Target, Sandals: Steve Madden, Sunnies: Relic, Watch: Fossil

If you like that dress be sure to check out this lovely number from Fossil or this one from Forever21!

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Enjoy your Thursday folks and remember only one more day until the weekend!!


Pin-spired: Stripes and Skinny Jeans

If there was an AA group for pinterest addicts I would be the president of the club.

OK… I’m not that bad. But I do love pinterest. And of course, I’ve got a board for everything. So I’ve decided to put that love to good use!

I get a lot of inspiration from pinterest and the outfits I find there. So today’s look is something I came up with after finding this lovely pin!

Pin-Spired 1

Pin-spired 2

Pin-spired 3

Pin- spired 4

Top: Target (Similar here), Jacket: Forever21 (Similar here), Denim: H&M, Shoes: Old Navy, Sunnies: Relic, Necklace: Forever21 (Find it here), Wacth: Fossil (Similar here)

So if you checked out the pin that I got this idea from you may have noticed that this isn’t a complete copy cat outfit (not to worry I do those too). For this one I took something I found on pinterest and made it more my style. I stuck with the same general patterns, styles, and colors but I added my own little flair to make it more me.

Any outfits you’ve been inspired by? Leave me some comments so I can check them out!

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One Top, Two Ways

Happy Monday ladies and gents! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I definitely did!

What did it consist of? Well… let me just tell you.

Shopping. Lots and lots of shopping (mainly for decor for the new apartment I’ll be moving to in a few weeks). Quality time with my mom watching HGTV. Delicious food (home cooked and eating out). Church. Visits to the farmers market. And wrapping it up with a little Harry Potter.

I also ventured outside of my norm when it came to outfits this weekend. I bought a new chambray shirt from Forever21 a few weeks ago and I’ve been searching for the best ways to wear it. I think I found a few options this weekend!

First, I went with the denim on denim look for work on Friday. Of course, I always keep things casual so I paired this with gold sandals and simple gold jewelry.

One Top Two Ways 1

One Top Two Ways 2

Then on Saturday (yes… I wore the same top two days in a row. Judge all you want) I went super casual with mint shorts and sandals. This was perfect for a sunny day strolling through the famers market!

One Top Two Ways 3

One Top Two Ways 4

Outfit 1: Top: Forever21 (Similar here), Denim: H&M, Watch: Fossil, Sandals: Steve Madden (Similar here)

Outfit 2: Top: Forever21, Shorts: Cotton On (Similar here), Watch: Fossil, Sandals: Steve Madden, Sunnies: Target, Earrings: Urban Outfitters

So you wanna know what the boyfriend’s comment on this top was? Since he wasn’t a fan of my wallpaper pants (check them out here… they are fantastic!) I assumed he wouldn’t be a fan of these festive shoulders. But surprisingly, he was- I can’t remember what his exact quote was but I know it was something along the lines of… “No, I like that top. Make’s you look more Texas”

Which way do you like best, denim or shorts? You can also see a similar outfit worn by the lovely Katie at Style Diary Blog here!

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Sandals and Lace

I literally risked my life for today’s outfit photos.

Sandals and Lace 4

Not really, but I like the dramatics of saying I did.

Anyways… today will be short and sweet. Mainly because the dress I’m wearing is very sweet (and a little too short- sorry mom!)

I found this dress at the end of last summer and I just couldn’t pass it up. The great thing about this dress is that it can be worn so many different ways. It can be dressed up for a fancy night out with the girls or even a date night. Or you can add cowboy boots for a night of two stepping and line dancing. But my favorite way to wear this is with sandals and a denim jacket for a cute casual look (surprise surprise).

Sandals and Lace 1

Sandals and Lace 2

Sandals and Lace 3

Dress: Francesca’s (Similar Here), Jacket: Old Navy (Similar Here), Belt: Target, Sandals: Target, Watch: Fossil (Find it here)

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