A Few More Polkadots…

Have you ever put on an outfit thinking it is one of the cutest things you’ve worn in a long time and then look at yourself in the mirror and instantly change your mind? Like you think… “Wow! I have successfully figured out how to make myself look 8 years old again!”

Well if you haven’t, then you’re lucky.

But today’s outfit had the opposite effect! When I found this top at Target I immediately picked it up, trying it on was not necessary. I loved it so much I would have bought it no matter what. Once I got it home, my little friend named Buyer’s Remorse came along to tell me that I shouldn’t have purchased this. His go to attack was that a red polkadot peplum top would do nothing for me except make me look like Minnie Mouse.

Well I showed him! I paired it with my dark skinnies and nude pumps for a classy/semi dressy look. Then added to it with gold jewelry and a gold belt!






Top: Target, Denim: H&M, Pumps: Target, Belt: Francesca’s, Sunnies: Forever21, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

This super cute top is only available in stores so check out two other peplum tops I’m loving from boutiquetoyou.com and Zappos!

Let me know what you think of my Minnie Mouse look in the comments!

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A Dress with Dots

Remember that time I changed the name of my blog and promised that I would eventually bring that name to life?

Well… today, we’re half way there. And by that I mean I’m rocking one of my favorite dresses that has polkadots, but this outfit has absolutely nothing to do with poppies. That combo will come soon… don’t you worry!

So, why did I go with this dress? Three reasons… First, it’s navy with polkadots which means this dress has two of my favorite things on it. Second, it’s so comfortable and easy to wear. Third, it’s from target and in my book that is always a win!

But before we get to the outfit for today… I thought I would leave you with another little fun fact about me (since I haven’t done that in a while)!

I love HGTV almost as much as I love ABC Family. Seriously, those two channels alone could keep me entertained for days. Although I would get really sad if I didn’t add a little criminal minds in the mix!

Now… on to the outfit!

HiLo Polkadots 1

HiLo Polkadots 2

HiLo Polkadots 3

HiLo Polkadots 4

Dress: Target, Belt: Target, Sandals: Steve Madden, Sunnies: Relic, Watch: Fossil

If you like that dress be sure to check out this lovely number from Fossil or this one from Forever21!

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Enjoy your Thursday folks and remember only one more day until the weekend!!


Wish List Wednesday

Happy Wednesday ladies and gents! Only two more days until the weekend! Praise.

For those of you that don’t know, my mom is visiting me this week (I LOVE when my family comes to see me!). And also if you don’t know… my mom likes to spoil me. So naturally I’ve compiled a list of things that I would be more than okay with her surprising me with.

I prefer to call her gifts prizes. Which means I’m not really spoiled… my mom just likes to give me prizes for being so wonderful.

So here’s a little list of what I’ve got my eye on these days!

Wish List Wednesday 1

Dress: Shop Ruche, Sunnies: Ray Ban, Sandals: ModCloth, Earrings: ModCloth, Pumps: DSW, Watch: Macy’s, Denim: Gap

You can also check out more of my wish list on Pinterest. Find it here!

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Weekend Face Lift

Notice anything different?

Face Lift 4

No… not about me! I’ll give you a hint… this weekend I gave the ‘ole blog a little face lift.

In case you were wondering, I changed the name of my blog because I wanted it to be something that was a better reflection of me and my style (and I really wanted a legit alliteration… don’t judge). 23 Miles To Go was an appropriate name when I originally started this because it was intended to be a way to document my journey and experiences in a new city. BUT then I fell off the band wagon and it didn’t post for the first year of my time in Dallas so it just didn’t feel right any more.

So welcome to Polka Dot Poppies ladies and gents! For the outfit of the day on this freshly updated blog… I won’t be wearing polka dots and there won’t be any poppies (that just seemed too cliche… but next week will be a different story…). No, today’s outfit is my favorite high waisted denim skirt, plain white t, and I couldn’t resist another scarf.

Face Lift 1

Face Lift 2

Face Lift 3

Skirt: Target, Top: JC Penney, Scarf: Target, Wedges: Oldnavy, Earrings: Francesca’s, Sunnies: Target

I hope you’re all blessed with a very happy Monday!

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Guest Post Thursday

Well hello ladies and gents… today is going to be short and sweet (on this page at least). Hop on over to Style Diary by Katie  to check out my first ever guest post. While Miss Katie is making her way through Europe we’ve been sharing spring styles we are most excited about. So… enjoy a little teaser and be sure to check out the full post here.

But I can’t let you leave without another fun fact!

For my 24th birthday I went on my first (and quite possibly last) back packing trip. It was an amazing experience- although I probably shouldn’t have gone just a few weeks after dealing with a beast of an illness… most commonly known as pneumonia.

Guest Post 1

Guest Post 2

Leave me some love and be sure to check out Katie’s page!